Our Team

The team behind the spectacular towers of Elysian Mirissa comprises of a group of talented individuals; each an expert in their respective field. From management to operations, the Elysian Realty team uses a combination of their skills, passion, experience and dedication to bring you the finest holiday homes in Sri Lanka.

Contractor Weerasooriya Builders (Pvt) Ltd.
Weerasooriya Builders (Pvt) Ltd. is a leading construction company in Sri Lanka. The firm is an ISO certified organization with a portfolio of completed projects that exceed 20 billion rupees. Experts in the field of building construction, dredging and reclamation, irrigation, road and development as well as other large scale projects, Weerasooriya Builders (Pvt) Ltd. is the contractor for Elysian Mirissa, providing serviced apartments in Sri Lanka.