Our Team

The team behind the spectacular towers of Elysian Mirissa comprises of a group of talented individuals; each an expert in their respective field. From management to operations, the Elysian Realty team uses a combination of their skills, passion, experience and dedication to bring you the finest holiday homes in Sri Lanka.

Architect Available Apartments
Milroy Perera Associates
Milroy Perera Associates, a leading architectural firm in the country is the expert behind our apartments in Mirissa. One of their iconic projects includes the development of the world’s tallest residential vertical garden (Clearpoint Residencies – Rajagiriya).
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Developer Available Apartments
Elysian Realty
Providing modern, high quality, real estate property solutions and development around the island, Elysian Realty is one of the luxury real estate developers in Sri Lanka.
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Contractor Available Apartments
Weerasooriya Builders (Pvt) Ltd.
An ISO certified organization, Weerasooriya Builders (Pvt) Ltd. is one of Sri Lanka’s top-tier construction companies. The firm has four decades of experience in building construction, irrigation and other projects.
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Structure Available Apartments
DCL (Pvt) Ltd.
Design and Structural Consortium (Pvt) Ltd. provides structural and engineering services to aid the development of Elysian Mirissa. Using the most advanced software and technology, we assure accuracy in our economical designs.
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